Journeyman-Level Multimedia Systems Technician Exam (MST)

Today’s Certification for Today’s Business
Installing and Servicing Flat Screen and Home Theaters

  • Your customers will recognize the professionalism of your MST certified technicians — Results in greater repeat business.
  • Your technicians will better cope with the problems encountered in flat screen and home theater installations and service.
  • No “Theory Only” Course To Take as a Prerequisite
  • Journeyman Level Certification that qualifies for Certified Service Center (CSC) certification.
  • Complete learning material available as Online Self Study or as Virtual Classroom.

Flat screen television and home theater systems are extremely popular in today’s entertainment market. Advance your career while this opportunity exists. Learn from the experiences of people doing the work today. MST was written by professionals in the service and manufacturing industries … those experienced in today’s needs.

MST is a very specialized Journeyman-level certification for those technicians involved with In-Home Service (IHS).

  • Covers applicable electronic theory.
  • Practical technology and Customer Service areas.
  • Deals with those problems that arise from the networking of many peripheral devices with flat screen and Home Theatre installations.
  • This certification is very broad, and deals with electronics as they are today.

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