ISCET Course Approval Service

The purpose of the ISCET Course Approval Program is to provide schools, training programs and other entities involved in the preparation of students or OTJ apprentices an objective third party affirmation of the programs ability to give their attendees the training needed to be prepared for certification in the field(s) chosen.

Download the ISCET Course Approval Application, request via telephone from the ISCET office (800) 946-0201, or by email. An explanation is provided of the requirements for ISCET course approval. Each training facility is advised that these items will need to be submitted to ISCET along with the completed course certification application form:

  • A Complete Course Outline or Syllabus
  • Photo of all areas of the training facility. (I.e. Classrooms, Labs, Part/Equipment Storage)
  • Web address (if this is an online only training then provide documentation of the location of offices or other facilities involved with the program)
  • Equipment, tools, test equipment and consumables utilized during the specific training under review (including make, serial number and sufficient per student pieces) If the student must provide the items provide a list of required and optional items.
  • The credentials of each Instructor involved in the training under review
  • Textbooks or study material utilized during the training
  • Listing of additional media used to supplement training (videotapes, CD-ROMS, DVD’s, software or computer-based trainers)
  • Hands-on practical performance requirements
  • Contact information for past graduates of the course being reviewed
  • Course approval fee

Once the completed application for course approval with all necessary documentation and fee has been received in the ISCET office a notification is sent to the applying facility, which verifies that their materials have arrived. The materials are logged into the office and the review will begin.

The application is first reviewed for completeness. All materials are checked to determine that each required item is included. If a particular item has not been submitted or is incomplete the facility will be notified and the approval is placed on hold until the application materials are complete.

When the materials under review have been checked and determined complete the application is reviewed by ISCET technical staff. These areas are thoroughly reviewed and either approved or not approved. The following procedures apply:

  • Does this course align with the ISCET Certification Competencies in this particular technical field (i.e. industrial electronics, basic electronics, appliance, consumer, etc.)
  • Is the course length sufficient to cover the necessary material in this technical field?
  • Do the facilities appear to be able to accommodate the number of students in a clean, comfortable and safe manner?
  • Does the equipment being used reflect current industry needs for training that will prepare a student for work in today’s workplace? Are there enough tools for each student?
  • Has the Instructor received necessary training or education in this field and/or does the instructor have work experience in this field?
  • Are the textbooks being used current for the technology advances in this field and are they recognized as providing reliable training in this area?
  • Are the supplemental media items current and reliable for this training?
  • Do the hands-on skills align with the required hands-on assessments for this ISCET certification (if applicable)? Does an acceptable amount of the total training provided include practical applications and troubleshooting in this technical field?
  • Past graduates may be contacted and asked for opinions regarding the type, method, effectiveness and completeness of the training they received.

After the technical staff review, any areas of concern are addressed. The applying facility is contacted for clarification. When all areas of the application have cleared review the approval is then passed on to Subject Matter Expert Committee for that particular certification for further review and resolution. Discussion and clarification may take place at this time between the applicant and the Exam Advisory Board.

If the approval is not granted at this time, the ISCET staff and the Subject Matter Expert Committee may determine that an on-site review may be needed to clarify any issues. The cost of this review will be detailed to the facility. The facility may then both accept the additional review and prepay 75% of the costs detailed or they may decline. If the facility declines on-site review the application will be closed and further action will be terminated. The facility must wait for 1 (one) year to reapply in this event.

Upon receiving ISCET Course Approval an approved school may display the ISCET logo on promotional materials or school catalogs and websites. If any changes are made to the approved course they must be submitted to ISCET for further review. The Course Approval is valid for a period of three years after which an ISCET approved school must resubmit an application for renewal including all updated materials pertaining to the approved course.

Each ISCET approved school will receive a certificate suitable for framing indicating the particular ISCET certification for which their training has been approved, a digital copy of the ISCET logo for use in promotional materials and website display, an official ISCET congratulations notification and various other informational brochures and documents.

All Educational institution course approval files and all study guide/textbook approval documentation are on file and available for review or verification at ISCET’s headquarters. These files will be held confidential unless release is requested by the submitting training facility.