The Electronics Systems Associate Exams (ESA)


The ESA program covers DC, AC, Semi and Digital in 4 parts. Certificates are awarded for passing each of the 4 parts, DC, AC, semi-conductor and digital. Once all 4 certificates are earned the Associate CET is awarded. The ESA program offers advantages to student and instructors that the Associate level CET program does not offer. Once all 4 parts of the ESA are successfully completed, the Associate CET Certificate is awarded.

  1. Examinations are given immediately after covering each section … better recall of knowledge learned … better grades.
  2. Certificates awarded for each part of the ESA program. Students finding it necessary to transfer to other schools or seek employment take with them the certifications earned.
  3. Better morale when accomplishment is earned as learning occurs rather than at the end of the complete course, as is the case with the Associate CET.
  4. Ease of articulation agreements with post secondary institutions makes it easier for secondary students having taken the first elements of ESA to get credit when transferring to post secondary.
  5. ESA certificates are issued for life, but are subject to the registration requirements.
  6. ESA comes complete with Learning Graphics. These are graphic presentations covering all 4 parts of the ESA program. They are web-based, accessed through the ISCET website. Once accessed they can be used in the classroom as instructor aids, and follow the ESA curricula outline. They may also be accessed on the school’s library computers. Students can go back and review, or can move forward to see what is ahead.
  7. ESA Learning Courses (LC) are also furnished for students to access in the same manner as above from their home computers. Learning Courses come complete with emailing provisions that allow students to email course oriented questions and receive answers within 48 hours (weekends and holidays excepted). Copies of answers are also copied to instructors so that follow-up can be made with student if necessary.
  8. Where students are instructed through the ESA program, most students pass at least one of the parts, and are issued a certificate. This is in opposition to the Associate CET given as a “capstone” examination, where it is quite possible that more end up with no certificate than those that did.
  9. In the normal course of any learning class one or two students are forced to drop because of family events (moving, domestic issues, etc.) When the “capstone” exam is utilized, they leave empty handed. With the ESA program they leave with any certificates they may have earned, which can be utilized in future schools or in job seeking.
  10. ESA individual certifications do not expire, but are subject to registration policies.

Complete curricula and competencies are available to educators. Call 800-946-0201 for further information, or email ISCET, and ask for the ESA Package.


The ESA (Electronic System Associate) provides an excellent way for individuals to study electronics at school or at home and pass the various certifications. The Associate CET can be earned by successfully passing all of the 4 ESA parts, DC, AC, semi-conductor and digital. Here are some advantages for you:

  1. Studying is accomplished through the ESA Learning Courses.
  2. There is a Learning Course for each of the 4 parts of the ESA program.
  3. These can be accessed through the ISCET website.
  4. All are web-based, and can be studied on your computer. Where online learning is not desired, the same course can be obtained on disc (CD or DVD) that can be utilized on most CD or DVD players.
  5. Examinations can be given by one of the over 400 Certification Administrators/Proctors offering ISCET examinations.

Study at your own pace. Use only those parts that refer to your particular work.

For more information call 800-946-0201 or email ISCET.