Journeyman-Level CET Exam


Consumer: Subjects covered in this option include antennas and transmission lines, digital and linear circuits in consumer electronics, servicing problems on televisions and VCRs, use of test equipment, and troubleshooting consumer products.

Industrial: The industrial exam covers such items as: The characteristics and applications of industrial electronics components, the operation of devices such as triacs, SCRs, diacs, and Shockley diodes. Also covered are various kinds of transducers, operation of transistors and op-amps, single-phase and three-phase control systems, motors, PLCs and industrial electronics safety and basic knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatic systems. A score of 75% or better is required to pass.

Communications: This test covers 2-way transceivers and the servicing of these types of equipment. Included subjects are receivers basic communication theory, transmitters, deviation, sensitivity, quieting and troubleshooting.

Computer: This test covers the operation of computer systems with greatest emphasis on the hardware. Areas covered include basic arithmetic and logic operations as related to computer theory, computer organization, input and output equipment, and memory and storage. The technician should have some knowledge of software and programming, and be able to explain troubleshooting procedures.

Radar: General knowledge of both pulse radar and continuous wave radar operation is necessary for taking this Journeyman option. This test covers transmitters and receivers, CRT display systems and their power supplies, antennas, transmission lines and their characteristics.

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