CET Associate LevelAssociate-Level CET Exams

A technician or student in electronics may take the associate level exam. The exam is the basic electronics portion of the full credit CET exam and must be passed with a score of 75% or better. This multiple-choice test covers basic electronics, math, DC and AC circuits, transistors and troubleshooting. A successful associate CET will receive a wall certificate valid for 4 years and is eligible to join ISCET, the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians.

Associate CET certifications expire 4 years after being issued.  Information on CET extensions.

Unfortunately, the practice test available on this site for several years fell victim to the incessant “march of progress” that is occurring all around us. Due to changes in Windows security and technical issues we are no longer able to offer this program.

Instead, go to the ISCET Store and look at the Computerized Associate Practice Test, Code 175.  This study material has a database of 300 questions, served up as 75-question tests. The previous version had only 25. This test can be done over and over again—a superb piece of study material.

START NOW!!! Study for the Associate Test … use our Online Learning material to study for the Associate Examination. You must have electronics knowledge to use this material. The online learning material helps you sharpen your electronics knowledge toward a successful exam.

THE ASSOCIATE-LEVEL TELECOMMUNICATIONS (Certified Telecommunications Associate—Level 1) is the basics of telecommunications including networking, cabling and standards, fiberoptics, low voltage alarms, grounding and firestopping, professionalism and safety.

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