ISCET Student Chapters

The greatest gifts that can be offered to a young technician are encouragement, mentorship and opportunity. These are permanent gifts that will reward the technician entering the electronics industry workforce. Student chapters offer all these things, and more.

ISCET student chapters are formed primarily to help individuals prepare for the ISCET associate certification test. An understanding of the structure of professional associations can also allow students to benefit by becoming involved with the leading national technician’s association, ISCET.

Members may also meet to talk about technical matters, hear guest speakers, or hold continuing education sessions. ISCET can help your chapter increase visibility by providing printed materials and other resources.

An instructor, dean, or counselor is often the best person to start a chapter and act as temporary organizer. A chapter is officially formed when the ISCET Student Chapter Application is accepted by ISCET. The application must be completed and sent to ISCET for consideration. ISCET will notify the applicant of the status of the application after reviewing the information submitted.

Each group may develop projects, study sessions, picnics, mentor programs, and any other goal-oriented projects not in conflict with the chapter’s bylaws, which must be approved by ISCET.

At the first meeting, members of the new chapter elect a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. It is also advisable for each student chapter to have a faculty advisor and an industry advisor.

The first item of business should be to adopt a set of bylaws for the chapter. (A suggested bylaws outline is available from ISCET.) The next item of business should be to select a faculty advisor. Next, seek out an industry advisor. (An industry advisor should be someone willing to help and offer advice.)

Each student chapter receives the same quarterly member mailing, technical notes and service tips that are sent to other members. A certificate of association with ISCET is also sent to each student chapter.

From time to time, the ISCET Board of Governors may, at its discretion, offer special products to student chapters. These special products include training material, convention registration at a discounted rate, and other technical offerings.

Each chapter member may gain insight into the electronics industry and prepare for ISCET certification tests. Each member has an opportunity to participate in all chapter business and activities. Chapter members also have the option to pay a reduced ISCET dues rate (as set by the ISCET Board of Governors) and receive the same standard ISCET mailings as the chapter receives.

There is no cost for the chapter affiliation. Currently, student chapter members may receive an associate membership in ISCET at a reduced annual cost of $25.

For more information on forming a student chapter, please call 817/921-9101 or 800/946-0201 ext. 118 or email

Active Student Chapters
Carrick High School
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Robert Baltos, sponsor
ETI Technical College
Niles, Ohio
Curtis W. Woods, sponsor
The Academy of Irving ISD
Irving, Texas
Gary Kennedy, Sponsor
ITT Technical Institute
Miami, Florida
James Sullivan, sponsor
Ogeechee Technical College
Statesboro, Georgia
Jim V. Lewis, sponsor
Southeast Community College
Milford, Nebraska
John Pierce, sponsor
Western Wisconsin Tech College
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Jon Burman, sponsor
Athens Technical College
Athens, Georgia
Ken H. Roberts, sponsor
Wilkes Community College
Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Robert Doyle, sponsor
Bergen County Technical Schools
Teterboro, New Jersey
Robert Pohlman, sponsor
Remington College —
New Orleans Campus
Metairie, Louisiana
Roger Wendler, sponsor
ATI Career Training Center #140
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Stewart Pearce , sponsor
Baker College of Owosso
Owosso, Michigan
Tom Cunningham, sponsor
Worcester Career & Technology Center
Newark, Maryland
William A. Hammond, sponsor
Viastar Technologies
Mainland, Pennsylvania
Stuart Huntley, sponsor
Joplin, Missouri
Dennis A. Winze, sponsor
ITT Technical Institute
Austin, Texas
Ron McDavid, sponsor
Tijuana, Mexico
Jesus Rodriguez, sponsor
Southeast Technical Institute
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Bryan J. Cox, sponsor
Center for Career &
Technology Education
El Paso, Texas
Fernando Arias, sponsor
Kitale Unitech Computer Services
Kitale, Kenya
Lucas Ingutia, sponsor
ITT Technical Institute
Lexington, Kentucky
Brent Stoudt, sponsor
ITI Technical College
Baton Rouge, LA
Allen Spiewak, sponsor
ITT Technical Institute
Bessemer, AL
Tony Gaffney, sponsor
Cardozo Educational Campus
Washington, DC
Alfredo Rendon, sponsor